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Re: [IP] Sugar diabetes

> Having a "touch of the sugars" and "sugar diabetes"
> are fairly common
> Southern euphemisms. 

I'm half North Carolinian and half Romanian, and both
heavily-accented sides of my family call it "sugar". I
think on the Romanian side at least, it has something
to do with the literal translation of the word. 

This is the same part of the
> country that still refers
> to the Civil War as the War Between the States, The
> Past Unpleasantness, or
> (my favorite) The Acts of Northern Aggression

After a southern dinner, the family usually gathers
around the fireside and spends hours mourning the lost
ways of the Civil War days. Then they climb into their
gunny sack beds stuffed with hay and horse poop and
sleep until the rooster crows. First thing the next
morning, they put on their Sunday shoeses and shoot
their skeet rifles at all the uppity yankees from the
roof of the smithy's house. Yee-haw.


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