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[IP] Pam's situation


I still think you need to write to the editor or Voice of the People or
whatever it is called for your newspaper. For one thing, it will be printed
and forever in their archives. When someone is lining the bottom of their
birdcage later they may see it and reread it. These items get clipped and
stuffed in wallets or sent in greeting cards. I think it is well to get on
TV and such, but that letter will do a lot to explain your particular
situation that particular day when many onlookers were involved. Others will
be made aware of it and some will not connect the TV show with that
incident; many will miss the program altogether. Go forward with the other
media, but still write that letter. (ooops, I'm sure sounding bossy here)

~ anonymous ~

> I called the main office of this company and also called the local papers.
> have not gotten a lot responce from the papers but I also got in touch
with a
> few of the daytime TV talk shows about doing something about what it is
> to live as a type 1 diabetic.
> I got a few calls back and will wait to see what comes from it. The few
> people I have talked to did not know that there was a differance in the 2
> types.Said that they were going to look into it and get back with me.
>                                        Thanks Again
>                                                 Pam and Eeyore
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