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Re: [IP] Personal favorites

In a message dated 12/22/01 2:43:41 AM Central Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> I heard my all-time favorite today.  Someone asked about my pump and I 
> proudly told them what it is and what it's for.  The lady looked at me and 
> said "Oh, you mean you have Sugar Diabetes."  What is that about?  Is there 
> another type of diabetes that I'm not aware of?  I just looked at her and 
> said yes.  In this case, there wasn't any point in going into a long 
> conversation about it.

This what the disease was called when my brother was diagnosed in 1955...my 
Mom still refers to it that way some times and she certainly doesn't mean 
anything mean since her son had many complications and is deceased....not to 
mention the love she has for her granddaughter with D.
Beverly, Mom to Mary, 8, dx'd 9/97, and Nick, who is now nine!
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