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Re: [IP] Lantus peak

> Sarah, you didn't say when you are taking your Lantus, but have you
> considered taking it at a different time, like 2 pm so it peaks when you
> it for the dawn phenomenon?  YMMV, but I thought it might be worth a try.
> Katherine Nelson

Katherine, I have thought of that, but the problem is I have a very
inconsistant schedule, my life seems to be pretty much centered around my 11
month old, and the only time I seem to have a chance to remember to do
anything for myself is after he is in bed, which means that the only time
that really works well (i.e. the only time I have where I wouldn't forget)
is at night.  If I were to attemp to take my Lantus so it "peaked" while I
really needed it overnight, I'd have to take it around lunchtime.  Up until
last week, I was in school every other day at that time, and it really
woudln't have been convenient to take it there.  It's not the shot so much
that would be the problem, I've just had some real bad problems with Lantus
going "bad" on me.  It seems like if it's exposed to room temperature for
more than a few minutes, it gets cloudy within a few days, so I am real
careful to keep it in the fridge and expose it to as little temperature
variation as possible.  I know this wasn't a just bad batch of insulin
either, as it's happened to vials from two different pharmacies and one from
my Dr's office.

I was a total mess on NPH, so Lantus has made a world of difference for me,
and at least my "problem" with it is quite predictable, so a late lunch w/
less humalog is normally all it takes to "fix" it.  I didn't start off
experiencing this when I began using Lantus, it's something that's seemed to
almost develop over time.  There's also the quite real possibility that
maybe the Lantus itself isn't actually "peaking" at that time, it just
happens to be when my body is most sensitive to insulin, and having the same
level of Lantus just makes me "bottom out".  We'll know when I am pumping of
course, if I need a lower basal at that time.

At this point, so close to going on the pump, "fixing" my problems with
Lantus are not exacly a high priority.  Chances are I couldn't get it right
by the time I started pumping, and it just doesn't seem like I should spend
time trying to perfect something I am going to stop using... but that's JMO.
If I was having more trouble with it, I'd probably try to work with it, but
it's just not worth it now.

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