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Re: [IP] Getting the word out (was: Thought I heard it all)

On 21 Dec 2001 at 18:32, jspock @shore.net wrote:

> >>  I thought I had heard all the stupid things that people say to us, But
> >>tonight we went shopping and I had a nasty-nasty low in the store.
> I hate stuff like this, happens all the time to me.  Another thing that I hear
> a lot of (that annoys the heck out of me) is that everyone I meet tells me
> they know someone who has D ... but they're in perfect control, and things are
> so easy.  Now, to me, that's saying "you're doing something wrong" which
> irritates me, to no end.

How about the reverse of this, "I know someone with diabetes, but they have it real bad".  As though you only had the "mild case of diabetes". Things are changing, but too 
slowly.  "Be Loud, be Proud, be Bumpy!"   No need to "hide" the pump.  Tell others about your life.  Pin them down and indoctrinate them. ACT UP!!!   That is what got 
AIDs the attention and funding for research.  Live your life in the open, and write, write, write that Congress-person.  Tell them your story.  Give a face, a story and a life to 

George      :>)
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