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Re: [IP] Re: Joni and holiday goodies

<< Can someone please tell me how I am supposed to enjoy holiday goodies when
 I haven't the VAGUEST idea how much to bolus for them??  >>

I know this isn't exactly the answer to your question for holiday goodies, 
but we have had great success with food without labels by using the carb 
factors on the last few pages in Pumping Insulin and a food scale.  Weigh the 
food in grams ( not ounces), multiple by the factor for that food in the back 
of the book, and divide by your ratio.  We hit it dead on for hunks of 
homemade bread, even pizza.  If fact it was our first pizza success!  The 
factors must be really close because his ratio is 1:30 so a small error would 
make a big difference. We have even drug the scale along to Luby's to figure 
out exactly what some of his favorite foods were.  You know, how big are 
those rolls?  How much Mac cheese is in that bowl?  We were underestimating 
every time.  I'm not obsessive, REALLY!

Some holiday favorite carb factors:
eggnog .08
brownie with nuts .50
fruit cake .57
fudge with nuts .69
peanut brittle .73
oatmeal and raisin cookies .72
chocolate chip cookies .59
pumpkin pie .23

Mom of John, 8 and Sparky the MM508
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