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Re: [IP] Thought I heard it all

>I have a good experience to relate.  I was at Ruby Tuesday, and
>stupidly, thought I would get my meal sooner than I did. (No one much
>was in the restaurant, so it looked like it wouldn't take long.) Well,
>let me tell you, it was slow.  I took my shot(this was before the pump)
>and started to go low.  The waitress gave me a "real Coke" in addition
>to my diet Coke at no charge.  She came back and asked was I ok, and
>checked to see how much longer my meal would be.  I just thought you'd
>like to hear that there are nice people out there.

I have to agree here...After my doc put me on the Atkins' Diet, we were always
going out to dinner...Well, Stuart Anderson's Blank Angus found out that I
could no longer eat any carb's, they doubled up on my meat and veggies at no
additional charge...they were wonderful...

Cherry & Jubilee
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