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Re: [IP] Thought I heard it all

> Actually Checking your BG will not prevent lows it will just help catch
> them..  lows can happen very fast even if you check every 2 hours lows
> happen now and then..
> Brian Carter

I agree, I'm not pumping yet, but I'm on Lantus, and I experience a VERY
strong peak at about 16 hours after injection.. it's bad enough that I can
go from have a very normal (say 115) reading at 2:30, to being in the low
40's by 3:00, and needing 45-60g of carbs to keep me from going lower and to
bring me up to "normal".  This is complerely independent of what I had for
lunch, as it happens regardless of when I ate last, or even if I've skipped

Thankfully I am aware that it happens, and most days I am able to "prevent"
it, but if I am caught somewhere and can't get anything to eat, or I lose
track of time, it just happens.  It's not because I take too much Lantus
either, as I can't get my fastings down lately, and I have checked myself at
1, 3, and 5am to make sure, and I am either climing higher than my bedtime
#'s were, or I am right around where my fasting ends up being, but I can't
take more Lantus or it makes my afternoon low much stronger.

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