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Re: [IP] Getting the word out (was: Thought I heard it all)

In a message dated 12/21/01 6:42:18 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< I thought I had heard all the stupid things that people say to us, But
 >>>tonight we went shopping and I had a nasty-nasty low in the store.
 > >>
Last weekend we had a business dinner with another family.  We were the 
hosts.  The husband was a well known transplant surgeon.  My hubby opens his 
big mouth, for no reason, and blurts out that our 15 year old has d.  My 15 
year old was with us.  The surgeon's wife's eyes widened and she stupidly 
blurts out to my son, "you have diabetes?  and you're on insulin and you've 
lived this long?"  Can you imagine how my son and I felt.  I felt like 
smacking her!  Her husband may have brains, but she missed out in that 
department.  I was mad at my husband for 2 days!!
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