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Re: [IP] video tapes


I have just spoke with my sis, who is a recycling coordinator for 
Chicago suburbs and she gave me a phone number of the company to contact 
for recycling video tapes. The company is in CA, the number is 
800-359-4601. They will pay for shipping is the shipment of tapes is 
over 50lbs, that's a lot of tapes, otherwise you will have to pay for 
shipping. They will recycle the tapes and make something, who knows 
maybe some of the plastic will end up in a future pump! With the DVD 
players I'm sure more and more of us will be discarding these tapes like 
we did with 8 tracks, so keep this number handy for future reference..

Take care


email @ redacted wrote:

>Hello all,
>This may be an odd question and indicate I'm waayyyy too concerned about 
>recycling, but....I was wondering if I can donate my video tapes from the 
>various pump companies and other diabetes videos that are no longer of use to 
>me. Does anyone know if this is done? What organization or entity should I 
>contact? Am I out of my mind and need to breath some fresh air while I cart 
>them out to the trash can?
>dxed IDDM 9/92, getting pump 12/26!
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