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Re: [IP] Thought I heard it all

>From: email @ redacted
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>Subject: [IP] Thought I heard it all
>Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 21:36:45 EST
>   Hi Everyone,
>  I thought I had heard all the stupid things that people say to us, But
>tonight we went shopping and I had a nasty-nasty low in the store.( you 
>the one with the seizers and not knowing what is going on) Well after my
>other half got things under control and I was back up in the normal range
>(65) The manager of the store thought he would remind me that if I would 
>my insulin that I would not have these fits. That now that there is insulin
>and you do not need a script to buy it there is no reason for me to not 
>care of myself. I tried to be nice to this person but he thought he knew 
>he was talking about. I took it as long as I could then decided to give him 
>piece of my mind. I told him I was on a pump and that it was the insulin 
>made my sugar go low. I was going to go to the car and not say anything 
>but as I was walking out he was telling another person that it was ashamed
>that I did not care enough about my daughter or myself to do the right 
>SO to make a long story short. I think I made a point of telling the whole
>store that this person did not know his
>A** from a hole in the ground. My other half left the close to $200.00 
>of things we were in line to pay for there and we left.
>  So I have to go shopping again but not at that store for the last of the
>Christmas list.
>          Sorry I just had to share with others that would understand how 
>it makes me. Maybe I over reacted but after 23 years I think I know what I 
>                                                     Pam and Eeyore
>                                                     Together Forever
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While it is true and a shame that this person does not know his A** from a 
hole in the ground, and also had an experience simalar to your also.  
However, I was told by my supervisor at that time that quote
"Do not argue with an IDIOT, as it brings you down to THEIR level.

Pat dx'd 04-70, pumping since 4-01

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