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Re: [IP] Thought I heard it all

I can't believe how rude some people are.  Well, that's not exactly 
true....what I really can't believe is how eager some people are to spread 
their ignorance and rudeness around.  Your story sort of reminds me of 
something that happened to me when I was a kid.  I was at school and in 
health class of all places.  I don't remember exactly how it came up but at 
some point my teacher decided to discuss diabetics and their "fits" with the 
class.  He said that sometimes when a person's blood sugar is too low they 
might act drunk sooooooo....if someone ever comes banging on your door ( I 
guess from off the highway) acting crazy and you don't want to let them in, 
just throw some candy bars out the window at them!  Keep in mind that this 
man knew that I was diabetic AND that he was a health and PE teacher so he 
should have some knowledge of things medical.  Also his wife was a doctor.  
Anyway, the point to this whole story is that he embarrassed the heck out of 
me.  My friends knew that I had diabetes and I didn't want them thinking that 
I was going to be acting "crazy" and that the solution was for someone to 
throw candy bars at me.  It made me feel like some kind of animal or 
something.  I  suppose it could have been worse.  At least he knew that he 
was supposed to get some sugar into the diabetic person if they went low.  It 
was just the way that he chose to go about it that bothered me.  I never said 
anything to him or to anyone else about it until now.  But I have obviously 
never forgotten it.  Some people never stop and think about how what they say 
affects other people.  The fact that I was a preteen makes it even 
worse......we all know how fragile their psyches are!  Ok, I'm done venting 
now.  I never realized how upset and angry that incident made me until today. 
Thanks for listening.

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