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Re: [IP] good idea- Going to write to the paper

> going to contact a few of the well watched shows and try to get them to do
> some thing about our life.

Sometimes I catch a show on diabetes on a health channel. (noted one circa 1999,
no mention of carbohydrate counting.
They are more geared to Type 2, "
I have even been told numerous times that 2 shots a day, I would be fine.  That
there is no way to try & count carbs in certain dishes, portion size has nothing
to do with it, don't know what I'm doing/talking about & etc.
People are not aware of the complexities in bg management, they don't have to
manage! the majority are not aware of YMMV.
Chalk it up to ignorance, not stupidity.  Unless actively involved in bg
management, control is considered useless information.
Consider yourself "ahead of the game." P&E.  Linda
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