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Re: [IP] Thought I heard it all


I, too, am sorry for your experience. Not only were you out of commission
unintentionally, you now have to spend the time to gather the merchandise
elsewhere and probably wait in longer lines.

I wonder, since this was in public and many heard what went on, could you
write a letter to the editor of your newspaper and explain a few facts about
diabetes and how it's misunderstood? This will help clear you, and help
educate others who have no clue.

I had a milder experience in an Old Country Buffet - where 3 managers were
involved and NONE would let me eat before my hugsband finished standing in
line to pay to not *upset 200 people*. They did let me have a coke and sit
and wait - but that's all. We did not return there for 5 years. I wanted to
write to our newspaper but I was working for a hometown paper at the time
and the owner did not want my name in the bigger circulating one.

Have a Merry Christmas, and let us know the response from your letter, if
you choose to write. (~_^)

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