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RE: [IP] Thought I heard it all

I am not surprised to hear this tale, although I am sorry for you.
Diabetes is a misunderstood, very complex, complicated disease to have.
I had a dr. tell a patient that he hoped the patient didn't like too
many pies and cakes, to stay away from those things and he would be
fine.  That is scary that an MD would say something like that.
Obviously, I do not use this dr.  People think that my pump checks my
blood sugar for me.  They also think that since I am on a pump, I don't
have to check bs anymore.  Just let that thing do its job....
Also, I have had people ask me how I go to the dr. every 3 days to get
this thing changed.  It never occurs to them to do it myself.  Others
think that it's a permanent thing, never needs to be changed.  I was
equally as ignorant about this disease until I was diagnosed 15 yrs ago.
I have read everything available and still don't know all I need to

I am very sorry that you had such a bad experience, especially in
I am glad that you set the guy straight.  He will probably never
understand though.

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  Hi Everyone,
 I thought I had heard all the stupid things that people say to us, But
tonight we went shopping and I had a nasty-nasty low in the store.( you
the one with the seizers and not knowing what is going on) Well after my

other half got things under control and I was back up in the normal
(65) The manager of the store thought he would remind me that if I would
my insulin that I would not have these fits. That now that there is
and you do not need a script to buy it there is no reason for me to not
care of myself. I tried to be nice to this person but he thought he knew
he was talking about. I took it as long as I could then decided to give
him a
piece of my mind. I told him I was on a pump and that it was the insulin
made my sugar go low. I was going to go to the car and not say anything
but as I was walking out he was telling another person that it was
that I did not care enough about my daughter or myself to do the right
SO to make a long story short. I think I made a point of telling the
store that this person did not know his
A** from a hole in the ground. My other half left the close to $200.00
of things we were in line to pay for there and we left.
 So I have to go shopping again but not at that store for the last of
Christmas list.
         Sorry I just had to share with others that would understand how
it makes me. Maybe I over reacted but after 23 years I think I know what
I am

                                                    Pam and Eeyore
                                                    Together Forever
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