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Re: [IP] A1c test and vent

OH julie Britt,

  I feel your pain.  When Josh started pumping 2 years ago I felt like I was 
working my ARSSSSS off 26 hours a day 8 days a week (get the meaning???!!!) 
And his first couple of A1Cs went UP too!!!  Talk about being discouraged.  
But I can say now that after 2 years we finally have a handle on this pumping 
business and his A1C finally started to come down.  But the frustration is 
still there sometimes when he goes way up or WAAAY down with no explanation 
(this has been happening a lot here lately-hypos)  But like I'm sure you have 
heard, diabetes id NOT an exact science and so no one can expect perfect!

Good Luck and keep on venting!!!

mom to Joshua
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