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[IP] Re: READ THIS!!!!

> There are a lot of new Internet users who don't
> necessarily know how the system works and that there are limits to the
> amount of email their ISP will hold for them.

This is true. I was talking with an IPer the other day who has a zillion
posts in her In Box, and 2 zillion in her Deleted folder. I explained how it
needs to be cleaned out. I had a problem once with a post I could NOT get
rid of and the HELP admin. helped me. To not take sooooo much time deleting
each post in the Delete Folder, just RIGHT click on the Deleted Items and
click on *Empty Deleted Items folder*. They will all disappear at once. That
is, if you are using Outlook Express.

Thanks, Admins, for your willingness to volunteer to keep us in line and
informed! (~_^)

Jan - who is going to empty her Deleted Items folder now for the 2nd time
this week. ;)
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