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Re: [IP] healing a pierced ear - tips?


These are excellent tips!  Thank you so much for taking the time to write.  I 
never thought of the antibiotic ointment...after I read your post I 
immediately went and put some on the earring, and it felt less sore after a 
bit.  I think the alcohol combined with the ointment will do the trick!

thanks again,

<< I had my ears pierced probably 30+ yrs. ago. When it was done I squirted 
alcohol into the hole with an eye-dropper (wirh the earring still in my 
ear). Then would put antibiotic ointment around it and move the earring back 
and forth to get it in the whole.  Now I first clean my ears and posts with 
alcohol and then dip the earrings in antibiotic ointment and then insert 
them (with ointment still on). I have to wear earrings with stainless steel 
posts or they itch. Also, your one ear may have been pierced a little 
crooked so that it hits cartilage as it goes in. I think one of mine is like 
that.  Leave them in for less irritation and so that the holes don't grow 
back together. Yes, this can happen. It just happened to me and my husband 
had to re-pierce my one ear. I haven't taken them out since. >>
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