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RE: [IP] Jenn is not amused

>I am so sorry to hear about this.  Have you got someone who has a
>formula for your basal and bolus rates?  My endo uses a formula that
>goes something like this...Pre-pump insulin(whole day) minus 30%.
>Divide this in half.  One half is divided by 24 hours and becomes your
>basal rate.  The other half is divided by 3(for your meals) and these
>numbers become your boluses for 3 meals.  This is just a good starting
>point.  I am sure that the numbers need to be played with to work out
>what is good for each person.  Just a thought before you throw in the
My CDE has a formula that's similar. I don't have the paperwith me, so I 
don't remember exactly what it was.  I tried the formula you described and 
came out with poretty close to whatI had started on, so it must be pretty 
similar to what my CDE did.

The problem is that my basal rate (and TDD) is now three times what I 
started on, and still doesn't work right.  The formula was *way* off for me.

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