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[IP] re: What to Do with Soft-Set Needle

Hi Karen,

  I save the little cannisters that my test strips
come in and use that as a mini sharps container.  I
keep one in my purse and car to dispose of lancets and
syringe needles.

Mystie & Slinky =)

Can anyone offer some advice? I'm going to be 
traveling over the
holidays and I'm not sure what to do with the 
needle that comes out of
my Soft-Set. At home, I keep all the old needles 
in a coffee can. Last
year, I believe that I would take an old plastic 
pop bottle and drop my
needles in it (just keep the lid screwed on real 
tight). I've never
looked, but does anyone know if there's anything 
compact and inexpensive
to buy for this sort of thing? Thanks for the 
Karen (and Little-No-Name, born 8/99)

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