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[IP] Re: READ THIS!!!!

 > At 11:04 AM 12/19/01 email @ redacted wrote:

 > Exactly the point, Sam. And now that many have Read it, maybe they will 
Read their mail and Clear their Mail Servers more
 > regularly. I believe my Subject line of "READ
 > THIS!!!" was most appropriate. At least I didn't employ my old 
subterfuge of "email BOUNCES and SEX!!!" ;>)
 > George

Problem is that the next time we need to 'READ THIS!!!!' we needn't bother, 
because we've already read 'READ THIS!!!!'.  Maybe we can separate them by 
numbering them READ THIS!!!! 2, 3, 4, etc. or we can use numbers of 
exclamation points.  'READ THIS!!!' is important for viruses, 'READ THIS 
!!!!' for email, all the way up to 'READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' 
meaning there is a cure.

Actually, I'm probably the only one that gets spam, but when I see 'READ 
THIS!!!!', I don't.  I normally expect it to be spam.

Jack email @ redacted
This is what Afghanistan is. We kill each other.
  - FAQIR MUHAMMAD, military chieftain.
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