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Re: [IP] need tips on skiing

I have found that the waist it works great, I wear a turtleneck and spandex 
running tights under my ski pants, then the waist it and a button down denim 
or corduroy shirt over the waist it & turtleneck and tucked down into the ski 
pants.  this keeps the pump and tubing covered and at body temp while keeping 
the velcro off my skin (sensitivity to the velcro makes me have to wear the 
waist it over a shirt), while the buttons on the overshirt allow access to 
the pump.  I find that if I lower my basals by 20 to 30 percent and check bgs 
every hour or so, then I can make adjustment from there and keep records so 
you can make changes to your program for the next time.

The first year I was pumping, I can tell you that even my friends who I ski 
with- and the one friend is a professional ski instructor, said that I jumped 
a full ability level with the pump, not to mention that it makes it much more 
fun with not having the lows and then not being strong enough to ski back to 
the lodge with confidence!  I also found that I could ski all day without 
losing energy like I did on MDI!

I do carry a fasttake, this year I will try the ultra- supposed to better 
tolerate the temp extremes, in an inner pocket with a toe or hand warmer in 
the pocket with it.  and a tube of glucose tabs, an extra site (I use the 
sil/tender/comfort and get the boxes that have extra sites in them, an iv 
prep- all in an inner pocket (ski jackets with multiple pockets is a 
necessity for me- I like the Columbia ones that the lining is able to be worn 
as a coat alone and the shell is a coat alone with each having inner and 
outer pockets that way there is lots of pockets to stash everything!  I keep 
a bag with an extra full set with tubing, insulin in a medicool or frio 
wallet, extra meter and any other items I may need in my ski locker (where I 
ski you can always be back to the lodge within about a half hour regardless 
of where on the mountain you are)

Have fun, and if you have any other questions feel free to email me privately 
or on the list!

aka Mouse
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