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[IP] Pat and BG rise

<< Ok, now a question for every one:  Today my blood
sugars were in the mid 200's - took a bolus to cover -
no results - infact kept getting higher to 358 despite
several boluses.  My last cartridge change was early
Sunday morning - do you think my insulin had degraded
by today?  >>

Pat, I think it's more likely your site needs to be changed rather than the 
insulin being bad.  Also, I wanted to mention this because it came up in 
someone else's post:  

**If one bolus correction RAISES your bg instead of lowering it--especially 
if you don't know why and don't feel it's connected to slowly absorbed 
food--switch immediately to shots!!!**  

This is so important for preventing ketones and possible hospitalization.  Do 
not wait and keep trying boluses with the pump.  If you can't change your 
site because you're at work or something, you should keep yourself going with 
regular needle injections until you can change the infusion set.

I hope things go better for you today, Pat!
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