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Re: [IP] READ THIS!!!!

On 19 Dec 2001 at 17:05, Jath wrote:

> If you have your mail set to "delete mail from server" when it is downloaded,
> does that make it so you don't have this problem?  I have never had to remove
> mail from my server manually, I just have that button checked.
> Judi in MI

Precisely correct, Judi.  By having that button checked you won't have a problem.  If you left all of that mail on your Server, it would become full and start Bouncing emails 
back to the Senders.  This is what happens quite often with all servers, but AOL and hotmail seem to generate the most bounces.  You don't read postal mail and stuff it 
back into a PO Box, why should someone leave email on their servers until they overflow?

George      :>)
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