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[IP] ear piercing and diabetes

Well, lying is not the best policy. However, in this case I do not think a
fib would be hurtful. I would go along with her if I were you and, as her
parent, fill out any paperwork that needed to be signed. After she got her
ears pierced, I would explain to her that you did not tell them she was
diabetic because she would not be able to get her ears pierced.

That would be a good time to discuss some of the other similar bumps she
will encounter along the way: driver's license, obtaining and securing a
job, scuba diving and snorkeling trips and lessons, even using public saunas
and whirlpools. All of these (and more) situations have restrictions about
diabetics use and restrictions. Some instances make sense, others do not.
She needs to learn how to differentiate between them and make good choices
about why and when she educates people that she is diabetic.

As always when I am addressing parents, I like you to know that I am not a
parent and am going on my personal feelings, not live child handling

BTW, check for dermatologists in your area. They may be more likely to
pierce ears than a regular MD. My dentist did both my holes. Completely pain
free, and he cauterized them so I have never had an infection. It may be
worth the search.

Amy Anderson
email @ redacted
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