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[IP] Re: Being hard on oneself

Leanne wrote:

I don't know where it came from, but when it comes to
diabetes I still 
this mindset almost of being in school, and I *have*
to do well, as if 
competing with someone and I'm a failure if I don't do
it right.  (You 
think after 23 years of this I would have lightened
up, geez!)  I never 
to want to share my blood sugar charts with my health
they were really good--isn't that silly?  Being on
this list, and 
about others' struggles has made me realize that it's
not a test; it's 
not a 
"being good" thing; it's really managing a hell of a
lot of variables 
single day and just doing the best you can.

OH LEANNE - I feel like I wrote the above letter. 
Every single word sounds just like me.  I think the
same way - that the doc will be disappointed in me if
I have high sugars.  In fact, they end up more upset
with me, because I had so many lows (trying not to
have highs!!!).  I still feel guilty when my sugars
are bad - how does one get past that!!!

Pat (pumped!!!!!)

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