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[IP] Re: need tips on skiing

Ken --

For skiing, I clip the pump on the outside of my tights, underneath my
ski pants.  It's also under a parka at that level.  Doesn't seem to get
too cold.

I keep my testing stuff in an inside pocket of my parka, and the meter
complains frequently about the cold.  Annoying little thing.

I try to start my day high (~200), which is also what I do for exercise
in general (or start with a normal bS but eat something that will take
me to about 200 at that time).  Some ski days, my bS totally behaves.
Sometimes I go really high -- in fact yesterday I took a vacation day to
go up to the slopes and had great bS in the morning and was 335 at the
end of the day :-(.  Diagnosis: damned if I know what happened -- maybe
I mis-guessed on the chili I had at lunch.

I've never tried suspending or changing my basals for skiing (although I
do for hiking), and should probably tinker with that.  I tend to test
down by the bottom of the lift, as testing _on_ the lift increases
chances of losing a glove, my poles, or any of the testing supplies.
Plus it's cold!

The first time out for the season I'd be very conservative if I were you
and try to run myself somewhat high all day.  I know when I'm cold and
in the middle of a run that I find really challenging (sadly, this
wouldn't actually be a challenging run -- just for _me_ :-), it's hard
to know if I'm shaky because I'm scared, muscled fatigued, or low --
especially true at the end of the day.

I carry a bunch of fruit leather in my parka, too -- not too bulky,
about 12-14 carbs per, and you don't chip a tooth on it if it's totally
freezing outside :-).

--KarenL  in Boulder, CO
(Type 1 since 08/93, pumping since 12/95, MM508)
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