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[IP] Manually inserting the QuickSet

>I am very interested in trying the quick set, and since I don't have a
>quickserter I was wondering if anybody out there manually inserts their
>quick sets and if you have any pointers for me.  I have plenty of padding
>to insert into, but I am worried about bending that canula and other
>complications.  I currently use sils without the new inserter, But I
>would really like to try quick sets.  I received one ample one from
>minimed, but I would like some tips from you all before I test it.
>Thanks in advance.
>--Kate (dxd 10/91, pumping 08/98)

I manually inserted the QuickSet when I got a box from a friend to try.  I 
had no trouble with manually inserting them, I just jabbed them in.  They 
went in very smoothly and I never once kinked the cannula.  I think they're 
pretty easy to insert, just do it quickly and don't stop at all.  Since I 
placed an order for the QuickSets, I now have an inserter, which I like 
very much.

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