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[IP] Elvis and chain reactions

email @ redacted wrote:
> I sleep with a husband, a cat, and an occasional grandchild (particularly if
> it's storming). Elvis (my pump) is a free-ranger. Twice in three years, two
> weeks and three days (but who's counting? <g>), I have rolled over while my
> husband was laying on top of Elvis and the site was pulled out. Having the
> site yanked out wakes me up. My cursing wakes my husband up. The cat opens
> half an eye, looks at me like I'm crazy, yawns and goes back to sleep.

And what does the grandchild do????? Don't keep us in such
suspense!!!!!  :)

I sleep with 5 or 6 cats artfully arranged around me -- the only rule
for me is not to let certain beasties under the blankets, because I
have, twice in almost 3 years, woken up to find the tubing bitten clear
through. I'm sure it must be the close resemblance between the pump and
tubing, and a rat!

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