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[IP] Re: hyerthyroid and diabetes

I had radioactive iodine treatment for Graves disease about 7 or 8 years 
ago. The thyroid seems to affect everything, so don't be surprised at a 
variety of changes! My nails went from really strong to paper-thin in a 
very short time, my hair changed texture, my insulin needs dropped, I 
gained about 20 pounds and I got really depressed. I was really trusting 
of my doctor at that time (hadn't learned to question everything and 
demand that I'm not an average, I am a person!), so when he said that my 
thyroid levels were in the acceptable range, I didn't fight for thyroid 
replacement hormone, even though I knew I felt rotten. I finally did get 
thyroid replacement and everything seems to be great--but now I encourage 
everyone with thyroid trouble to not accept being told that they are in 
the normal range. If you are feeling depressed, insist on more tests. The 
right amount of thyroid and TSH make a big difference!

>Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 22:45:03 -0700
>From: "Laura L. Shapiro" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Hyperthyroid and Diabetes
>Hi All:  Just got done with a radioactive thyroid treatment for Graves
>disease, and now probably will end up on replacement therapy.  I was
>just wondering if the hypo thyroid that often results from the iodine
>treatment will affect my diabetes in any way?  I cant find any info on
>how one relates to the other, or what symptoms can be created by going
>low thyroid after being overactive thyroid?  My physicians haven't given
>me much help in this area.  It does seem that I am more depressed, and
>grumpy than usual!
>Anyway, just curious.
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