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[IP] note to new pumpers

hi everyone,  just thought i let some new pumpers of a problem that as a 
new pumper myself, wasn't prepared for.  last wednesday, i was due for a 
site change.  i changed sites and went to work. at work my bs started to 
rise and i found out that the during the injection, i bent the canula.  the 
pump warned me by an error message "no delivery".  i change sites again and 
unknowingly, pull it out while i was taping it secure.  i was in constant 
contact with my pump trainer trying to lower my bs.  i was very nauseated 
and vomiting every half hour until i got home an hour away.  i only found 
out that i wasn't receiving insulin until i awakened in the hospital.  this 
happened after i passed out on my front porch, and my wife had to call the 
paramedics and ambulance.
lesson learned, as soon as my bs is high for no reason and a correction 
bolus doesn't bring it down, i'm changing sites.

good note: i've only been pumping since 12/3, with only one day of high bs 
due to a simple site injection.

be careful and have a good holiday

john s
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