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Re: [IP] Re: So happy to be pumping!

I'm sure this is not a very intelligent question, but what happens if you sleep on your tubing?  Wouldn't it cause a crimp or something in the line?  That's my concern!  I'm afraid I'd stop the insulin flow and end
> up in ketoacidosis!

****Hi Ruth - the tubing is VERY strong - I slammed mine in the door of my truck one day - it crimped it - but didn't break it. The basal continued delivering fine - but found I couldn't do more than a couple of units of bolus at a time - and I had to hold the tubing taut - but still - this was workable. (It was after this incident which happened at work - which was quite a distance from home that I put an extra infusion set in my desk and briefcase).

Linda & Dax
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