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[IP] Encouragement

The latest digest I read seems to indicate that several folks are feeling 
"low" (not sugar low, but emotionally low) or out of control - (sugar out 
of control, not emotionally out of control).  I have been there - been 
pumping 1.5 years!  Last two AICs 5.8, 6.2, so very happy!  I have 
struggled with my sugars being high!  still get 220 almost everyday two 
hours after dinner (I eat too much at dinner).  The doctor gives me great 
advice : PUSH THE BUTTON!.  I have found I have had to raise basals since 
the Sept 11 attach.  The drain on my emotions have increased my sugars, so 
I happily have raised my basals.   I find if I don't test the six times a 
day, I fool myself into thinking all is ok...so the best advice I can give 
to people is to check and check those sugars and then "push the 
button!".   The only negative side affect I have had from this is weight 
gain - but I feel better!  I have gain 30 pounds in the 1.5 years - the 
doctor says it is because my body now uses the food efficiently instead of 
peeing it away.  So I still struggle with eating less then I have been used to.

Energy is an issue, too....If I keep my sugars under the magic 180 all the 
time, even two hours after eating, for several days, I then have energy for 
several days - that is when I tend to slip up and not test and then bs 
raises.  So I have gone back to "pre-pump" diet of eating several small 
meals and snacks, instead of eating larger meals 3 times a day - that also 
helps me keep everything even, even with the pump!  though calculations of 
how much I've eaten and how much insulin I have in my system is a bit 
tricky if I eat more often than every four hours (which is about how long 
humalog lasts) - so I check my sugars often!

The person who is perimentalpausal (sp?) - this will affect your bs very 
very much - I won't get too upset with this, but my advice is check and 
check.  You may be struggling with your bs for a while with this, so my 
doctor says!  I don't tend to go low - so sometimes, I give myself the 
"required bolus" then give 1 or 2 percent more to cover my miscalculations 
or my body's stubbornness.

And yes, just when I think I know the formulas for basal and bolus ...they 
change!  So I change!  sometimes they go up for awhile, sometimes they go 
down for awhile.  I don't know why, I  just push the button!...but overall, 
as the AIC attest, they are ok!  PRE pump I never had an AIC lower than 9!

For those of you that this is the first holiday season on the pump - 
ENJOY!  eat those things that you have been denied for years!  (though I 
don't recommend pecan pie! - that is just tooooo much sugar)- this may be 
one of the best holidays for you because of the freedom of the pump!

Stay Safe - Check your Sugars and Push the Button!


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