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[IP] link to INGAP chat of last August

This is a Deb Butterfeild chat that has been archived at www.dif.org from a
chat that occurred last August.  You remember, before Sept.11.


Some excerpts: Taken out of context!!!  Go read the chat.

snip..."In contrast, every person with diabetes has cells that can be
transdifferentiated into islets, and there appears to be no limit in the

"The studies have gone inordinately well in the last eight months. I would
like to think we are all large animals, but that remains to be seen. The
significant advances we have made in the last eight months or so have been
in our increased awareness of the amounts we need to give and how the
compound is handled in the body and so forth. All these findings have been
positive and built upon a framework and infrastructure that augurs well."

"We have never encountered any harmful effects of INGAP given in doses that
far exceed the regenerating doses, and in all our studies in which we have
followed animals for protracted periods, have not seen the development of
unbridled cell growth."

"There have been times when we have attempted to induce regeneration but
failed to do so. This was in the earlier days when we did not know the
optimum doses to use nor the best way of delivery. We think we are smarter
now and have learned a whole bunch more about what the right cocktails

"We now know that even if you have ongoing autoimmune islet destruction, as
long as we can provide you with new islets at a rate that is faster than
the destructive process, then you can beat the diabetes."

snip.."the blood glucoses return to normal and more important than that,
the insulin secretory profile normalizes, this is not always the case in
islet transplants."

"We have evidence that these primordial cells are present in people over
the age of 65 who have had diabetes for many years. We did this by
examining pancreases of people with diabetes who had died for another
reason and were fortunate enough to obtain pancreases for study. That was
really a good piece of news because it meant that even late in the course
of the condition, we could embark on treatment."

"All people and animals seem to have these cells. They have not been
quantitated as yet since there are no markers for them until they are
stimulated. We can stimulate them in diabetic and normal animals so we
think[sic] they are there under all circumstances."
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