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[IP] Re: So happy to be pumping!

Thanks for those of you who responded to my post!  I guess I spoke
(wrote) a little too soon, since my blood sugars have taken a turn
upwards (194 one night and 251 this morning)!  However, they are overall
better, and I'm still working on my basals.  Luckily, my nurse practioner
let me figure it out on my own, which is just as well.  I have the book,
Pumping Insulin, and I wasn't especially looking forward to calling her
every two days.

I am also very intrigued about the "roaming free" at night with the pump.
 I'm sure this is not a very intelligent question, but what happens if
you sleep on your tubing?  Wouldn't it cause a crimp or something in the
line?  That's my concern!  I'm afraid I'd stop the insulin flow and end
up in ketoacidosis!

Thanks again for the support from this wonderful group!

Ruth  (have yet to come up with a name for my pump--none that I've
thought of seem quite right)
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