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I have looked for this clinical trial at the NIH website
but was not able to find it. Is there another site I can go to and find out
what the criteria is to be included in this trial?

Todd M.
D T1, diagnosed 3/81
Pumper 9/98

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Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2001 4:04 PM
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> This one didn't say a word about 5 years or 10 years.  It did say they are
> injecting the stuff into humans, NOW.  Most of the ones that I have seen
> saying 5 years are about rat studies and such.
> INGAP may not work, but at least it is being directed at humans.
> Apparently, it has worked in large animals.
> I can only imagine your disappointment over the last few decades.  I have
> "only" been dealing with this for a few years.  And, soon, it will not be
> my problem because my daughter will be assuming the throne of D care.
> However, I have been a serious student of the cure efforts and this one
> enough substance to get my attention.  Illiotropin (sp?) which is made by
> the INGAP gene which has been transferred to bacteria to produce the
> protein is expressed in all mammals during development.  Apparently, it
> induced adult mammal(dog) stem cells to divide and generate several
> pancreatic cell types including beta cells.  The gene in hamsters and the
> gene in humans are very similar.  They have a method to produce as much
> peptide as could be needed.  There are additional therapies that could
> switch off the autoimmune response (P277) if it is even needed.  The cards
> are all in place.  The last step is to see if it works in humans and has
> acceptable side effects.  That process is starting, NOW.
> So many of the other avenues of research have limited possibilities.  For
> instance, Islet Cell transplants.  That approach has little interest from
> me because there is a huge hurdle in supply and the immune suppression is
> negative aspect.
> I think that islet encapsulation is a very possible solution.  I know of
> three good efforts going on now.  They may be close, don't have a supply
> problem (pork islets) and don't have immunesupression.
> INGAP works in large mammals and is being injected into humans, NOW.  We
> will know if it works in less than a year, probably just a few months.
> If I had to guess, I'd say 5 years would be optimistic for general
> distribution if all goes perfectly.
> Should you put all your hopes in this, no.  Should this give you hope,
> Curtis Lomax
> "Every press release for a cure I have seen since I was declared
> pre-diabetic
> in 1938 has used the word NOW!!!
> Every one of them promised a release to the general public within 5 years.
> It has been one H**L of a long 5 years."
> Siles
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