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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #633

> Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 12:58:31 -0600
> From: "Sarah Flewelling" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Insulin / Mail Order Question..
> Just curious, I still have two weeks until my "official" pump start, but
> since I don't use vials of insulin (I currently use cartridges w/ humalog
> with a BD mini pen, and the prefilled humalog pens), I thought I would
> ask... will my Dr's office most likely have vials on hand (like physician
> samples?) for me for my "pump start"?  They have given me humalog pens, and
> vials of Lantus, so I'd assume they have it, but I was just wondering if it
> would be unwise to assume they would.
> Second, It would save me a measly $5 a month or so to order my insulin mail
> order ($15 for a month's supply, totally $45 for three months at the
> pharmacy, or $30 for 3 months mail order), so is it really worth it to order
> humalog, or should I just keep getting my insulin at the pharmacy?   How
> "much" should I ask the Dr's office to write the Rx for, I figure I
> currently use about 40 units of Lantus/Humalog combined, so it would be
> about the same of Humalog in the pump, plus 25 units every few days to prime
> tubing, so I'd guess that's roughly about 1500 units a month, so would it be
> "safe" to ask for 2 vials, or do I need to consider all the "what if's"
> (like if a vial goes bad, etc) and go with 3 to have an "extra" vial a month
> just in case?  I don't see why it should be a problem, but would the
> insurance/pharmacy have a problem filling an Rx for three vials at once?
> Would the Humalog be considered a "pump supply" that minimed could provide
> if they had the Dr's Rx for it?
> I have experience dealing with the mail order pharmacy because there is a
> real difference in price between getting my test strips local, and having
> them mail order, and I am really happy with the service, I just don't know
> what everyone else's experiences have been like regarding insulin.  I would
> be fine with getting it mail order, although it worries me a little bit
> being in Texas, as it's not hot now, but it sure does get hot.
> Sorry these are probably really obvious questions, but as they say, the only
> stupid question is the one you don't ask...
> Sarah

 I am currently using about 40-50 units a day. I get my insulin by mail
order and they send me 5 bottles for a three months supply. I can
understand your fear about living in Texas and the heat, but my
understanding comes from living at the other end of the spectrum! I live
in North Pole, Alaska and getting my insulin delivered unfrozen in the
wintertime when it's 30 below zero can be a real problem. If you contact
the mail order company and explain the situation to them they are very
easy to deal with, at least mine were. They send my insulin in special
insulated packages and in the five years I have been having it delivered
this way I have only received frozen insulin once. I think that's a
pretty good track record!

Karen in North Pole Alaska
DX'ed in 1971
Pumping since 1996
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