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Re: [IP] hating my pump lately!

> It's kind of the same feeling as being on a diet, doing all the right things, 
> and then gaining weight.  I've been putting in so much effort lately and it's 
> not yet paying off. Anyway, if anyone has ideas, encouragement, or just an "I been there," I'd 
> sure appreciate it!

***Hi Leeann - been there done that! I've felt this way for quite awhile. Same story - got off to a great start - for me what happened is I got a new full time job 2 months after my pump start - so my learning curve STOPPED - so I just limped along with so-so numbers and results - it was better than shots... but not much. Then I tried to get some of it better before I moved but with so much going on... well it didn't happen - now I've moved, new job again (full time now), new stresses of our "student" lifestyle and income - and I'm really in the same boat. My BG's are all over the place - I've been re-reading Pumping Insulin - and it just depresses me - things like your BG shouldn't vary more than 30 pts overnight. etc etc.  

I know I need to do some major charting of every bite I eat (although I've not strayed from my eating plan), get the exercise going good, do some basal testing etc etc etc - but it's hard.  

I looked long and hard for a new doc - snuck out of the office to see him (I have no leave yet) and all he did was refer me to endo - if I had wanted to see an endo - I would have booked the FIRST appt with one! grrrr so thatr appt is of course not until February (still before I have any usable leave) so I have to either figure this out before then or sometimes I think I'll be dead. 

I figure I need to do something drastic to get exercise and weight loss going again (and feel "normal" or "good" more than 1 or 2 days a month)so I am going to do "Body for Life" program - it makes pretty much sense - and it is a different thinking so we will see how it goes.

So my apoligies to all for the length but sometimes when you get started......

Linda & Dax
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