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Re: [IP] reaction symptoms

At 03:47 PM 12/18/01 -0500, you wrote:
 >What causes sweating and temp rise when having an insulin reaction?  There
 >must be a physiological reason for it... anybody know?  Also, what causes
 >dissyness, I'm guessing lack of fuel in the cells, am I right?  Just

There are two major types of symptoms of hypoglycemia: Neuroglycopenic and 

Neuroglycopenic symptoms occur because your brain is not getting enough 
glucose.  Adrenergic symptoms occur as a result of the hormones (especially 
epinephrine) that your body sends out to counter the blood sugar lowering 
effect of insulin.

Neuroglycopenic symptoms tend to occur when your blood sugar has been 
dropping slowly over a long period of time.  They include:

Difficulty concentrating
Visual disorders, such as double vision
Loss of consciousness

Adrenergic symptoms tend to occur when your blood sugar drops 
rapidly.  These include:

Skin pallor
Rapid heatbeat

I'd guess that dizziness is a neuroglycopenic symptom.  I've never 
experienced a rise in temperature, so I can't even guess what might cause 
that. Usually if I break into a sweat due to hypoglycemia it's a cold, 
clammy one.

Note: the contents of this message were lifted pretty much intact from 
Rubin M.D., Alan L. (1999), "Diabetes for Dummies: A Reference for the Rest 
of Us," Foster City, IDG Books Worldwide.

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