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[IP] A1c test and vent

I just got my A1c test back...it's 9.5!  It was 8.4 last time and we have 
been steadily going down for over a year now.  I've been trying so hard and 
the doctor has been great and just when I thought we were making progress... 
bam.  We have adjusted my basals because I was low all the time, and so I've 
been a little higher... and I've been sick and very stressed... but really 
that's no excuse.  I mean, 9.5 is just way too high.  I need to test more, 
and do fasting basal tests more often than 2 or 3 months so that we can 
really tweak them, and I need to exercise every day instead of a couple 
times a week, and I need to tweak my carb counting and get my stress under 
control and take my vitamins... the point is, there are a ton of things I 
can do to make it better and bring it down, but... well how do you do it?  
How do you get on with the rest of your life and still test and experiment 
and count and fast and blah blah blah...not to mention fighting with 
suppliers and insurance and going to doctors and reading food labels turns 
grocery shopping for two people into a 3 hour excursion...There's just not 
the time or the energy to have a normal life and still do everything I have 
to do to get my A1c down to a 6.  It seems so impossible.  Any words of 
encouragement, motivation, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated right 
now.  My day has just become completely UGH.

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