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This one didn't say a word about 5 years or 10 years.  It did say they are
injecting the stuff into humans, NOW.  Most of the ones that I have seen
saying 5 years are about rat studies and such.

INGAP may not work, but at least it is being directed at humans.
Apparently, it has worked in large animals.

I can only imagine your disappointment over the last few decades.  I have
"only" been dealing with this for a few years.  And, soon, it will not be
my problem because my daughter will be assuming the throne of D care.

However, I have been a serious student of the cure efforts and this one has
enough substance to get my attention.  Illiotropin (sp?) which is made by
the INGAP gene which has been transferred to bacteria to produce the
protein is expressed in all mammals during development.  Apparently, it has
induced adult mammal(dog) stem cells to divide and generate several
pancreatic cell types including beta cells.  The gene in hamsters and the
gene in humans are very similar.  They have a method to produce as much
peptide as could be needed.  There are additional therapies that could
switch off the autoimmune response (P277) if it is even needed.  The cards
are all in place.  The last step is to see if it works in humans and has
acceptable side effects.  That process is starting, NOW.

So many of the other avenues of research have limited possibilities.  For
instance, Islet Cell transplants.  That approach has little interest from
me because there is a huge hurdle in supply and the immune suppression is a
negative aspect.

I think that islet encapsulation is a very possible solution.  I know of
three good efforts going on now.  They may be close, don't have a supply
problem (pork islets) and don't have immunesupression.

INGAP works in large mammals and is being injected into humans, NOW.  We
will know if it works in less than a year, probably just a few months.

If I had to guess, I'd say 5 years would be optimistic for general
distribution if all goes perfectly.

Should you put all your hopes in this, no.  Should this give you hope, yes.

Curtis Lomax

"Every press release for a cure I have seen since I was declared
in 1938 has used the word NOW!!!
Every one of them promised a release to the general public within 5 years.
It has been one H**L of a long 5 years."

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