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Re: [IP] Insulin / Mail Order Question..

Most physicians have insulin on hand at the office.  I would tend to think 
that if you requested a bottle, they would give it to you.

Regarding the mail order vs. non mail order, that depends on how much $15.00 
means to you, and if you have:

1. Someone that can sign for your insulin upon delivery. (This is usually a 
requirement for proper delivery. Unless someone is there to sign for it, it 
could sit in a mail truck for a day or two before it is redelivered)
2. Adequate transportation to the retail pharmacy.
3. Is it inconvenient to get to the pharmacy?

I use mail order for my supplies because there is usually someone @ home 
during the day, and also because it saves me $30 per prescription.

I use Tel-Drug for my mail order, through Cigna.

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