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Re: [IP] Sleeping with a pump on

Well, I've only been pumping a little over 2 months,
but I have to say that sleeping has been the most
difficult challenge (maybe not the MOST, but
definitely more prevalent...;o).

I'll reveal myself - I share a queen-size bed with a 6
foot 4 inch hubby, one 90 pound dog, one 60 pound dog,
and I'm not itty bitty.

Both my husband and I are quite active sleepers and
have been known to elbow and kick each other (don't
worry, usually he's the one with the bruises in the
morning and we're investing in a King size bed quite

I personally can't imagine leaving my pump to lie free
in that mess.  But I also personally don't like to
sleep in jammies or nightgowns.  So here is what I've
tried with comments:
 The waist-it thingie (from minimed)
Can't seem to get it tight enough around my waist so
that it doesn't slide around.  It's HUGE so I have to
almost wrap it around my waist twice. Also sits right
at the small of my back when it does stay in place so
when I roll around it's uncomfortable. Oh, and girls?
- It's just not pretty.

 The Thigh thing (also from minimed)
One of my favorite, but also rather too long so I need
to wrap it around my thigh twice, but allows for
comfortable movement. I actually have forgotten it's
there from time to time.  Plus, it kinda looks like a
garter so not jarring to look at...

 The pump beach pants (from uniaccs.com)
Not bad, but not a fan of sleeping in clothes so not
my favorite.

 Clipping it to the back of my undies (I only sleep
on my stomach or sides - never my back)
One of my favorite.  I clip the pump so that the clip
is outside and the pump is against my skin. This way
the pump is nestled just under the small of my back
above my ... butt, which is less jarring when I roll
around for position.  I just curl the extra tubing up
and stick it under the fabric above my hip.

Long story short, I still wake periodically in the
evening, but I accept that this will get better in
time as I get used to my new appendage.  And, for the
record, I have yet to have a site "yank out".  Boy,
that makes me shudder every time I read that...

So, WAY too much information for most of you, but
hopefully I've helped someone!  ;o)


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> << I just worry about it being loose since my dog us
usually in bed with us 
> by morning and I don't want her to get tangled in
the tubing if I've thrown 
> the covers off. >>
> What about husbands? ;-)
> I am not pumping yet, but am wondering about this
issue as it relates to 
> those who sleep with other people (and dogs! We do
> My husband and I are not at all large and sleep in a
double bed close 
> together all night. How does this work? All those
commented haven't mentioned 
> if they sleep alone. So, reveal yourselves please
:-) Tips would be most 
> appreciated.
> Deanna
> dxed IDDM 9/92, hopefully pumping soon

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