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[IP] RE: A1C results - good, (I think)

Hi Sean,

Definitely be thankful, but ... I'd watch keeping him too low. Before I
upset any adult
pumpers out there, remember the target BGs for kids are quite a bit

I think your signature said he was 8. Does he recognize lows yet? How
will he drop when he has unplanned activity? I know my recently-turned-five
old son does not recognize lows, and will drop like a rock when he starts
around. So I can not "run him as low" when he is at daycare.

It sounds like you are doing great, but I understand why you may be
concerned about
being too low. Sounds like it is worth watching out for. Keep up the great

Mom to Ryan, 5 (dx 2/09/00 and pumping since 8/17/00)

>> We just got the results of Jake's 3rd A1C today.....It was 6.1, which is
>> from 6.8 3 months ago.  Does this mean that maybe his BS levels are too
>> I know that he is still honeymooning, but can an A1C be too low?

>> Any ideas or should I be thankful?
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