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Re: [IP] Sleeping with a pump on

   What about husbands? ;-)

  My husband, the cat and me share a queen size bed and do just fine. The cat
gets one-third, pump and I share a third and hubby gerts the remaining space
or the cat on him. Only once in two years has my spouse ripped my site out
while sleeping. It woke me up luckily as the tegaderm I put under my sets
yanked on my skin hard. However, he frequently rolls over on and lies on the
pump. Fluffy doesn't seem to mind. I dislike being squished tho and kvetch at
him to move off me and the pump. I let Fluffy roam-free in bed. I do get
tangled in tubing and have accidentally tried to half-strangle myself with
tubing on several occasions. Every morning I extricate myself from the coils
of tubing around my waist and hips. The cat ignores the pump unless it beeps,
then we wants to bat at it and eat it:)

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