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Re: [IP] Sleeping with a pump on

In a message dated 12/17/01 8:39:07 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I just worry about it being loose since my dog us usually in bed with us 
by morning and I don't want her to get tangled in the tubing if I've thrown 
the covers off. >>

What about husbands? ;-)
I am not pumping yet, but am wondering about this issue as it relates to 
those who sleep with other people (and dogs! We do too!).
My husband and I are not at all large and sleep in a double bed close 
together all night. How does this work? All those commented haven't mentioned 
if they sleep alone. So, reveal yourselves please :-) Tips would be most 
dxed IDDM 9/92, hopefully pumping soon
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