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No Subject

   I want to let everyone know that I took my certification exam and
passed!!!!!!!!!! So I am now a Certified Diabetes Educator!!!!!!!!!! This is
something I have always wanted to do.... Kind of on the list of things I
wanted to accomplish before I die.... Anyway, I really think that you should
also remember that I have also been a diabetic so I promise I will never ever
not understand..... I think it really does make a difference. So, the next
thing I want to see in my lifetime is a cure..... so my kids don't get it. I
am so happy to have accomplished this... and I also want to say that I have
learned so much from all of you. I have been type 1 for about 22 years now,
and have been on the pump for almost 2 years. So I have seen and have
benefitted from many advances in diabetes treatment but I really want to see
greater improvements.  I want my pump equiped with a glucose senser, and I
also want a loud alarm to tell me when a site has gone bad so I don't have to
wait for hyperglycemia.....So anyway, thanks to all of you, and have a great
holiday season, and remember, when any of us accomplishes anything it makes us
all look good, because we are all in this together!
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