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[IP] Re: Error Code on Glucometer Dex

My daughter used the Dex for 2 years while we were living in the U.K. as the 
strips for the Glucometer Elite were not a covered item over there.  As soon 
as we returned to Canada we switched back to the Elite.
I don't recall getting that error code either.  But I didn't like that meter 
at all.  The sliding cover will break pretty quickly (maybe the design has 
improved?), sometimes the strips wouldn't get pushed out, sometimes it would 
skip strips and so at the end you hand to check and re-align up the missed 
ones, it used a huge drop of blood, and I questioned its reliability.  
You should get the company to send you a new one, we went through at least 3 
in two years, and they were very good about sending a new one out quickly.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

> I am using a Glucometer DEX as my meter. I am pretty happy with it (ease of
> use - no clue about the accuarcy ;) but there is something that sort of 
> bugs
> me. I do get quite frequently the error code E7 - maybe every 10-15
> measurements.  The handbook says that there might be humidity in the meter
> and that it might require cleaning. Sorry, but how did that happen? I am
> pretty sure that it is not humidity related. Has anyone have had a similar
> experience? 
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