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[IP] Pump Anniversary

Wow - can't believe it!  19 years ago today I started 
pump therapy - I've been having so much fun the time 
has just flown by!

The pump saved my life, allowed me to successfully 
carry and deliver a baby (the joke in our house is 
that the pump was a fertility device rather than a 
insulin-delivery system, since I got pregnant within a 
week of hooking up!), and have successfully limited 
complications by the use of this handy little 
machine.  Going from straight metal needles (and the 
incredible tape-down required to keep it in place) to 
teflon cannulas, single basal rate systems with whole-
unit-only delivery to devices that can be programmed 
for up to 48 different rates on 2-3 different profiles 
with delivery down to 0.05 units, from A1c levels of 
over 14 to 6 or less - how far the technology has come 
over time, and how grateful I am to have benefitted 
from it!

I'm also extraordinarily thankful for this list and 
everyone who is a part of this community.  When I 
started down this path nearly two decades ago, there 
were no support systems, no one to tell us how or 
better ways to work this thing and get the most 
mileage out of it, and nobody with whom to share the 
joys and frustrations of pumping.  This is the perfect 
time of year to be grateful for all the goodness and 
hope in our lives; while the pump is not the cure, it 
can truly take us a lot farther down the road of life, 
with a much greater quality and standard of living 
than what we might have experienced otherwise.

Sorry this is so long, but I just wanted to share with 
all of you who can understand far better than any non-
D person could ever hope to, how grateful I am for 
this little lifesaver I wear around my waist, and for 
this network of friends.  Thank you!
Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/82
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