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Re: [IP] So happy to be pumping!

Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 20:06:36 -0800
From: ru t sti <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] So happy to be pumping!

 "I'm just hoping that it's not a "honeymoon period" like when first
diagnosed, and
that my doctor won't be correct when he says that the pump won't take
care of my swings of highs and lows!"

Hi Ruth,
Congrats on "going live" (LOL)!!!!
Duh, wonder where your endo is from.  Don't know what range you had for
highs/lows, but IF your basals, carb to insulin ratio, and correction bolus
amounts are set correctly (yeah, you may find you need to revise these,
after all the Big D has to keep ya on your toes), you should find that the
highs aren't as high, the lows as low when you are able to correctly cover
carb amounts and any high protein intake.  Oh yeah, sure you know what a
high fat meal does.
Hubby would go from 500's to 40 or lower in a matter of a few hours without
any rhyme or reason except the nasty ol' N doing its predictable
unpredictability.  Now with the pump, it's rare to see anything above 190
(then it usually is because meal/snack bolus wasn't enough-Hubby's still
learning carb guessing [what I call it because he has a problem figuring
what's in and how big amount of something], and it's a whole new game to
him).  He very rarely has a reading below 60, and if so, first checking to
see if he figured a food bolus correctly, then we keep an eye on and he does
some mini-basal testing (he chooses this because he will not miss a meal,
but will delay for a few hours).
 His basal rates are now 1/3 of what they were when he started pumping
5/1/01, and he's gone from 2 to 4 basal rates.  He'll be getting up at 2a
the next coupla nights because he was at 58 this am so the overnight basal
may need to be lowered since his bolus was ok for the meal he had at dinner.
Not only can you keep from going really high, you can treat a low so easily
since you don't have to contend with the intermediate/long-acting insulin
kicking in.  It took Hubby several months to get this key point, but now he
knows no more eating everything in sight if you are showing a trend toward a
low.  Testing, testing, testing your glucose level is very important to give
you the data you need.
Best of luck, and let us know how you continue to do.
Marj; Mike; and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)
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